Best fits for your company aren't always obvious. We can help.

Koru’s predictive hiring software identifies the drivers of performance in your company, increases high quality hires, and reduces bias. Stop guessing and start predicting.

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Imagine hiring 30% more high performers, and eliminating phone screens. Here’s how:

We develop your company’s predictive hiring fingerprint

A data-informed picture of the factors that define quality of hire for your company and your jobs.

Every candidate completes an online pre-interview

Candidates take a simple and fun 20-minute assessment and receive automated customized feedback.

Identify top prospects with the candidate fit score

Each candidate receives a fit score and Koru7 profile, empowering your team to make faster, data-driven hiring decisions.

Our customers have seen 30-60% increases in high performing employees using predictive hiring with associated ROI in the millions per year.

See how predictive hiring works

Koru7 Impact Skills measure what matters.

Is grit a better predictor of job performance than pedigree? Research proves it. The Koru7 Impact Skills are the new signals of success in the innovation economy and if you are not measuring them, you’re missing out on your best fit hires.  Have your own competencies? We’ll make them measurable.

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The ability to stick with it when things get hard. When directions are not explicit, hires can make sense of ambiguous situations.


Positive and empathetic hires can be a joy to work with, contributing to great teams. Being able to not only do work in service of others, but also take initiative when things are not clear help talent stand out.


Beyond simply asking why, curiosity can also spark innovation. Hires that are curious, not only about their product or role, but also about the roles of others, or competitive products, tend to be better informed, have better eye for detail and often ask the right questions.


No matter your role, being an effective communicator is important for co-workers and clients alike. From writing effective emails to asking thoughtful questions, workers with Polish are great collaborators.


There are no dark corners in organizations anymore. Everyone must collaborate to produce work and drive results.


Innovative companies care about data in all areas, so we screen for the ability to read, interpret and process data quickly and in a detail-oriented way.


Great hires not only can do the duties in their role, but they also understand their contribution and impact to the larger organization’s objectives. Hires with Impact are efficient and think about the company’s success instead of just their own.

Join us in mobilizing the Grit over Grades revolution.

Our customers - from global investment banks and tech giants to growing startups - achieve business outcomes with Koru. For example: 30% increase in high performers, elimination of phone screens, 15% increase in diverse hires.

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    "Measuring the quality of talent pools is a huge challenge for talent acquisition leaders. Koru’s data driven approach to identifying the competencies that drive performance for our sales team brought us a common understanding of what to hire for, and how to measure these success drivers in applicants."

    Annie Rihn

    VP, Talent Acquisition of Zillow
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    “Because of changes in our industry, we have had to shift the the accountant's job to be more consultative, less transactional. Koru helped us define our new hiring profile, emphasizing Grit and Teamwork over Rigor, and their product efficiently identifies people who are a strong fit."

    Jeff Wald, CPA

    CEO of K·Coe Isom
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    "We know there is vast amount of untapped, high quality talent from an array of backgrounds. We want to know what truly indicates a candidate’s success at BCG, so we’re currently piloting Koru to focus on real drivers of performance, whilst allowing us to cast a wider net and consider applicants from a broader range of sources than our traditional screening pools."

    Recruiting Partner

    The Boston Consulting Group in EMEA
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    "This was a very engaging way for me to learn about myself in terms of my work style and preferences. The process was clear and simple. I feel like I have learned a lot from the experience, actually."

    Alexa C.

    Applicant to Barclays
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    "They are the best in the current class of predictive performance assessment competitors."

    John Sumser

    Principal Analyst at HRExaminer

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