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Candidate and Employee Koru7 Impact Skills Data Fuels Predictive Hiring Model

Predictive hiring is fueled by the real drivers of performance — the Koru7™ Impact Skills. Koru is mobilizing the “Grit over Grades” revolution with innovative talent acquisition and business leaders from some of the world’s leading enterprises.

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With Koru you screen and identify your top tier candidates with only a few clicks in a few seconds, versus days or weeks of resume reviews and phone screens.

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Our customers have seen 30-60% increases in high
performing employees using predictive hiring with associated
ROI in the millions per year.

Innovators of Predictive Hiring

Forward-leaning enterprises add economic value to their organization by #1 identifying and focusing on best fit candidates , #2 optimizing hiring decisions based on what drives business outcomes, and #3 improving their employment brand through authentic connections and real-time feedback with candidates.

“Measuring the quality of talent pools is a huge challenge for talent acquisition leaders. Koru’s data-driven approach to identifying the competencies that drive performance for our sales team brought us a common understanding of what to hire for, and how to measure these success drivers in applicants

ANNIE RIHN, VP of Talent Acquisition for Zillow

Make Every Candidate Feel Valued.

Koru is transforming the way you screen, hire, and develop early-career talent through our data-driven talent analytics solution. We work with innovative talent leaders from some of the world’s leading enterprises across dozens of industries to select talent based on the unique drivers of performance in their companies. Together we are leading the grit over grades revolution.

  • Reuters
    “Goldman Sachs Group Inc, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup Inc and UBS Group AG are exploring the use of artificial intelligence software to judge applicants on traits - such as teamwork, curiosity and grit - that help in the workplace but don't always show up on a resume or come through in an interview...” Read article. Reuters
    Wall Street hopes artificial intelligence software helps it hire loyal bankers
  • Fast Company
    "Koru goes a step further by assessing not only if someone will fit in at the job, but also if they will be good at it....In lieu of extensive job experience, companies can evaluate candidates based on Koru's personal attribute scores."Fast Company
    Can Using Artificial Intelligence Make Hiring Less Biased?

Change the way you hire.

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