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We use a data-driven approach to help you screen, develop, and retain top talent, customized to your company’s unique performance profile.

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The Koru7™ – Grit Over Grades

All of Koru’s offerings are based on soft skills science plus predictive people analytics and are powered by the Koru7TM: those intangible traits, skills and characteristics demonstrated to predict early career success.

We live and breathe Millennials.

Voted 2015 Startup of the Year by GeekWire, Koru is transforming the way companies screen, develop, and retain highly qualified, early-career Millennial talent through our data-driven talent optimization solution. We work with Fortune 500 brands and high-growth startups across dozens of industries to find and develop the right fit talent to meet their needs.

Our backers include Maveron, First Round, City Light Capital, Trilogy Equity Partners, Battery Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, and Nas’ Queensbridge Venture Partners.

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Top companies work with Koru to meet their Millennial talent optimization needs.

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Koru is for employers, colleges, and job seekers.

Brendan Browne

VP of Global Talent Acquisition, LinkedIn

Koru helped us look at our candidates in a whole new way. An interview is an imperfect process … Koru sheds a whole new dimension of light on this talent which you don’t get in an interview. That’s incredibly valuable.

Vannessa Sanchez

USC, Psychology & Sociology
Hired by LinkedIn

I worked hard to earn a degree and racked up a lot of debt. When I applied for jobs, I fell into a black hole. With Koru, I didn’t find a job, I started a career.

Adam Weinberg

Denison University President

There is an opportunity to reinvent the bridges between college and the professions. Koru is the partner we need to make that happen. Not only are they impacting students, but they are also going to help colleges develop the capacity to rethink and rebuild the process in dynamic, relevant and strategic ways.


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