This Video Perfectly Captures The Riddle of Life After College

Just in time for graduation, here’s a kind reminder that, basically, you’re effed. Sorry. While the old “how do you get experience without experience?” conundrum isn’t news to anyone, never has this frustration been so beautifully captured as it is in this College Humor masterpiece. Frustrated yet? Good. Now let’s think a way out of these Catch 22s. It is hard to get an entry-level job without any experience, and part of the reason is that the expectations of what you need to know after college are changing … fast. Our Zen Riddle for you? Give yourself a job to get a job. 80% of graduating seniors expect their future employers will train them at their new job. In reality, less than 50% of grads will receive any kind of job training once hired. Own your own learning, because once you graduate, nobody else is going to do it for you. Didn’t learn something in college that you think you need to know to land that job? Teach yourself. Or find someone who will teach you. Pay them in donuts if you have to. Want real experience? Volunteer to work on projects for your parents or a local non-profit just so you can learn by doing. Don’t wait to be taught, go after it. Go after it with everything you’ve got, and when you show someone in an interview how you did x, y and z – you’ll not only showcase your skills, but also your grit and hustle.

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