Meet a Recent Grad Working in Sales

Sales is a wonderful way to learn a company through selling its products or services. It’s an essential skill to have in many facets of life. Beginning in sales will build a very strong foundation to springboard into other roles. What’s a day in the life like for a recent grad working in sales?

Meet Matt.

MattNeckes-112995-edited Name: Matt Job Title: Inside Sales Associate Koru program: Koru@Julep Company: Smartsheet Education: Bates College 2014, Rhetoric  

What’s a day in the life of someone in sales?

The job is essentially acting as an account manager for the many customers going through the free trial or buying cycle. The idea is to “touch” as many people as possible by phone and email to assist them/lead them through their buying process and ultimately, sell them. The interactions could be anything from helping them learn how the product could help them, to discussing the licensing model/pricing, to teaching them about our security of their data. My typical day is going through email, following up with people on trials via phone and email, and answering all inbound calls.

What do you love about your job?

I really like the customer facing aspect of the role, especially being able to help people discover how to make their jobs easier.

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