Meet a Real Event Planner

A lot can go on as an event planner, and your job is to keep all the pieces of the puzzle in place. You like working with many different people, talking to different parties, and making sure things run as smoothly as possible. You also enjoy analyzing trends to ensure future events run even smoother than before. What’s a day in the life like for a recent grad working as an event planner?

Meet Sanni. SanniMccandless

Job Title: Event & Marketing Coordinator Koru program: Koru@Porch Company: EnergySavvy Education: UNC Chapel Hill 2014, Psychology


What’s a day in the life of an event planner?

Depending on the day, I will be working on a variety of different projects. This could look like:

  • Planning logistics around a conference (registering attendees, booking hotels/flights, setting up sponsorships, shipping booth supplies)
  • Writing content (abstract submissions, case studies, blog posts)
  • Working on marketing campaigns (creating recipient lists, writing letters, drafting emails, sending materials, tracking follow-ups/leads)
  • Conference post-game (creating Salesforce reports, generating action items, following-up on action items, tracking leads, internal communication about conference presence)
  • Planning external side-events (EnergySavvy hosted receptions, meetings, webinars, happy-hours, etc.);
  • Planning internal team activities (summit, team dinners, team-building activities)
  • Coordinating marketing materials: Designing, ordering, or reordering marketing materials (booth supplies, conference swag, internal swag);
  • Updating our social media profiles

What do you love about your job?

How varied my day-to-day activities are, the creativity involved in marketing, planning side events (how to ensure attendance and make an event memorable), planning team building activities, writing (even though it’s challenging and painful sometimes), working with EVERYONE at my company, not just one team.

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