Why a Video Introduction Is The Secret Sauce to Your Job Application

This post is part of a series about Koru’s new job finder, which launched publicly this month.

I remember submitting resume after resume and cover letter after cover letter during my not-so-brief funemployment stint and thinking, “If they could just see me in person.” I knew I was a strong candidate, but I couldn’t make myself stand out on paper. I didn’t have 2-5 years of experience, I didn’t have an easily translatable degree, and I didn’t have a long list of marketable hard skills. I was just OK on paper, but in person, I knew I could bring it. I knew I had value to add and the potential to be a great cultural fit. Employers don’t have enough time to meet with every candidate who looks just OK on paper. Hiring is an exhausting process, and employers try to keep it as efficient as possible (in other words, meet with as few people as possible.) When the Koru team started brainstorming ways we could improve the standard entry-level job application (resume + cover letter), we unanimously wanted a way for candidates to introduce themselves in a very personal way. What if you could get a minute of facetime with the person reading your application, every time? Enter, the 60-second video intro. Koru’s job finder includes a lot of elements not found on a typical job application. But the video intro might just be the secret sauce. Throughout our pilot, we heard from employers using the job finder to hire for roles that the video intro was the “maker” for a lot of candidates they would have otherwise passed over. Seeing someone, hearing their stories, and making that brief personal connection was huge, especially for candidates whose resumes didn’t quite match up perfectly with the job at hand. But it’s scary. You can’t hide behind a couple of documents when you record a video. You have to put yourself out there. But the risk is what creates the opportunity. So, don’t be camera shy. Pitch your best self. (And if you’re really nervous, we’ve got some great tips for you here.)

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