Webinar on Demand — Preparing for the Automation Revolution: Is Your Company Ready

Guardian, a Koru customer, recently hosted a webinar that we participated in called: “Preparing for the Automation Revolution: Is Your Company Ready?”  

The webinar covered trends in workplace automation, the Guardian innovation model, and a showcase of emerging technology across AI, machine learning and predictive data analytics.

Interested in Koru? Hop ahead to the 64-min mark and you’ll learn the following in a 15-min segmented hosted by Josh Jarrett, our co-founder and chief product officer.

  • The main problems that talent acquisition is facing today
  • An overview of why we’re relying on the wrong signals for hiring (and what Google thinks)
  • How Koru solves this problem with new and better signals, predictive hiring models, insights & analytics and a candidate experience.
  • What drives performance in today’s workplace
  • The Koru7 — the skills that matter most in today’s innovation economy
  • How we can make better decisions with machine learning
  • The old way of hiring vs. what you can do today
  • A look at the Koru Hire product

Watch on-demand today.


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