Webinar on Demand — Preparing for the Automation Revolution: Is Your Company Ready

Guardian, a Koru customer, recently hosted a webinar that we participated in called: “Preparing for the Automation Revolution: Is Your Company Ready?”  

The webinar covered trends in workplace automation, the Guardian innovation model, and a showcase of emerging technology across AI, machine learning and predictive data analytics.

Interested in Koru? Hop ahead to the 64-min mark and you’ll learn the following in a 15-min segmented hosted by Josh Jarrett, our co-founder and chief product officer.

  • The main problems that talent acquisition is facing today
  • An overview of why we’re relying on the wrong signals for hiring (and what Google thinks)
  • How Koru solves this problem with new and better signals, predictive hiring models, insights & analytics and a candidate experience.
  • What drives performance in today’s workplace
  • The Koru7 — the skills that matter most in today’s innovation economy
  • How we can make better decisions with machine learning
  • The old way of hiring vs. what you can do today
  • A look at the Koru Hire product

Watch on-demand today.

Jori Saeger Jori runs the blog at Koru. She finds and shares the most valuable and educational content for innovative talent acquisition leaders who want to change the future of hiring.

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