New Report Shows That Veteran Sales Executives Score Higher In Ownership, Grit, And Curiosity

Koru recently partnered with Tech Qualled to analyze the differences between veteran and non-veteran sales execs. Tech Qualled enhances the lives of military veterans by training and placing them into rewarding customer facing careers in high technology. They offer a dynamic, 7-week curriculum that familiarizes veterans with the technologies of IT while simultaneously practicing the business to business sales motion.

We wanted to dig into the data to compare the attributes of successful sellers and see if we could find differences between veteran and non-veteran sellers within the IT industry.

The results

There are absolutely overlapping attributes between all successful sellers, but veterans in particular score substantially higher on Ownership, Grit, and Curiosity. Tech Qualled-trained Account Executives scored 10-22% higher than successful non-veteran AE’s in these three skills. And across three of the other four skills (Polish, Teamwork, and Impact) they scored 17-30% higher than the national average.

Key takeaways for the IT industry

We found that elite veteran intangibles plus the right blend of dynamic training makes this population very desirable in the field. Second, not only do elite veterans come to IT with the skills universally accepted as necessary to succeed, but they bring greater quantities of those skills than their non-veteran peers.

The competition for talent is fierce in today’s innovation economy. We’re happy to support Tech Qualled’s claim that there should no longer be a conundrum for hiring managers and recruiters around veteran talent, especially when their skills are measurable and trained through a program as rigorous as Tech Qualled’s.


Learn more about Tech Qualled and the research on their website. See the full research report here.


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