19 Things You Actually Do When You’re Job Searching

1. Neatly set up your workstation for the day. Today is the DAY!


2. Decide that you need to clean your room first.


3. Decide you might as well clean your whole apartment.


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4. Sit back down and make an elaborate to-do list for your day of job searching. Today is the DAY!


5. Take a snack break because making that to-do list was really draining.


6. Notice that you actually have 15 Facebook tabs open on your browser.



7. Spend five minutes wondering why you waste so much time on Facebook.


8. Remind yourself that the application is due TODAY.


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9. Decide what you really need is to go to the gym to clear your thoughts.


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10. Snacks. More snacks.


11. Crack  yourself up with a good cover letter joke.


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12. Finish your cover letter! You finished!!


13. As a reward for finishing your first draft, decide to watch one episode of “Game of Thrones.”


14. Realize you’ve just finished the season.


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15. Decide to relocate to somewhere you won’t get distracted.


16. Set up camp in a coffee shop and promptly focus on the sounds of the person next to you slurping their drink.


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17. Finally, submit your perfect application.


18. Congratulate yourself on being awesome. (You are!)


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19. And start all over again.

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