New Research Unveils the Signals for a
Successful Sales Hire

Inside Sales Hiring Benchmark Report by Koru + AA-ISP is Now Available

  • What skills and experiences predict success in sales?
  • How can individual companies use this information to create a competitive advantage through recruiting?
  • How is predictive analytics transforming sales hiring?

AA-ISP and Koru evaluated over 770 employees across the following enterprises: ADP, Call Source, Click Software, FedEx, Microsoft, Oracle, Payscale, Thomson Reuters and Truck Stop. Thank you to the respective sales leaders for participating and being part of the industry’s first inside sales performance benchmark study.

Strengthens Membership Trust Through Sales Hiring Benchmark Report
“The AA-ISP research study with Koru offers specific insights and clues that can help favor the odds of hiring a high-performer.”

Bob Perkins, Founder and Chariman of the AA-ISP

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