Improving Candidate Quality: New Signals for Hiring in the Innovation Economy

We’re operating today in the innovation economy. You’ve likely seen the working world changing all around you. Today, it’s wildly different than for previous generations. But what does this mean for talent acquisition?

Simply put, traditional hiring strategies are proving to be inadequate in today’s business world. While in the past it was acceptable to recruit based on tangible, traditional “fit” signals like GPA and technical abilities, the current innovation economy demands a focus on a separate set of skills. These are non-cognitive or soft skills—communication, collaboration, creativity, and even grit—that are fundamental to succeeding in an environment in which ingenuity is key.

These may seem difficult to identify and measure but machine learning and artificial intelligence can help.

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  • The innovation economy, what it is, and what it means for you
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  • The fundamentals of predictive hiring

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