The Millennial Mindset: We’re Experts Too

I’m a true Millennial. 23 years of age, my parents spoiled and supported me since birth, I prefer listicles over long-form content, and the Spice Girls are a way of life. I’ve also developed a self-centered personality, praising myself and expecting a pat on the back for every achievement big or small. They call us the entitled generation. Throughout our lives, we’re driven by big dreams; however, over time we’ve come to realize that we live off of broken promises (a degree means a job or marriage means security) … yet we’re still optimistic of the outcomes. Growing up on the internet, I used to be an open book, but now I prepare for backlash from comments and what leaving my mark would do in the long run. Millennials care a lot about online presence. If this is “tl;dr” here is your friendly reminder that the ramble continues … but the point is coming! The ability to write on LinkedIn Pulse is a huge deal for me. I believe that it equalizes the playing field. I see writings from industry experts and influencers on Pulse, and I hope to motivate millennials to remind themselves: Millennials are experts too. We may feel entitled and deserving of everything awesome, but we put ourselves down all the time when it comes to expressing our point of views. Millennials on LinkedIn: I’d like to hear more from your job-related experiences, your life revelations, obstacles, and struggles. LinkedIn is a professional network, but the word “professional” shouldn’t make you cower in fear. What you have to say shows that you have a humanity fit for an efficient and exciting workroom experience. As a mentor of mine, Josh Jarrett, said, “Companies don’t hire people, people hire people.” As I’m currently on my career-search, I’m preparing to be more personal on Pulse in hopes of helping others find their voice, diminishing that self-conscious fear. “The more personal, the more universal.” ~ Gary Ballinger … Kristine Reyes is a graduate of UC Irvine. She is currently participating in Koru’s program partnering with LinkedIn. This post is adapted from a piece she wrote for LinkedIn Pulse. How do you think Millennials can get their voices heard? Tell us in the comments!

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