Get Your Team in Shape – Hiring & Recruiting is the #2 Challenge For Inside Sales Leaders.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone reading this post, but hiring successful inside sales teams is becoming far more difficult than it used to be. I should know; as the VP of Customer Engagement at Koru, and as me dad would say “I’m right in the thick of it”. In April, I had the opportunity to attend the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) Leadership Summit in Chicago (which was brilliant btw!). I sat in on the hiring and recruiting Idea Exchange where a panel of pros (including Kristen Hamilton, CEO of Koru) discussed new and innovative ideas about finding and hiring great talent. AA-ISP research indicates that recruiting and hiring is the #2 challenge facing inside sales leaders. As the demand for inside sales roles continues to grow, the pressure to fill seats only gets greater. A top-performing sales person can regularly produce 200-300% of quota. But, a mis-hire distracts the organization, rarely makes quota, and is usually gone in a matter of months. And that bad hire, depending on their level, will cost between 100-300% of their salary to replace. So, it’s obviously important that you get it right the first time.

“A top-performing sales person can produce 200-300%. A bad hire, can cost up to 300% of their salary to replace.”

If you ask sales leaders, what do they look for in a rep, would you get the same response associated with what drives success in their organization? Or would you get several different ideas of what that might be? What about the characteristics associated with those that stay longer and have more impact over the long term? Or those that close deals that grow and become better clients for your business? Or maybe those that are great at opening up new markets, are you considering these unique situations in your hiring? My guess is probably not, it’s not easy to do this!

Then consider the big question, where are you looking when it comes to hiring top performers?

Are you only interviewing candidates who have prior sales experience, a bachelor’s degree, and a high GPA – or worse, if you’re just using a staffing agency to choose candidates for you, did you link all these sources or features to performance? retention?– you could be missing out on some amazing opportunities for great hires.

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We partnered with AA-ISP to create the 2017 Inside Sales Hiring Benchmark Report. This joint research study analyzes the skills that are most relevant for Inside Sales in today’s innovation economy.


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