Meet a Real Content Marketer

Content marketing allows you to be the online representative for your company’s brand. You are an active user of social media and understand its importance, and you want to use it as part of your job. You’re also a strong writer who loves tackling creative projects. What’s a day in the life like for a recent grad working in content marketing?

Meet Michaela.

MG-Headshot Name: Michaela Job Title: Content Manager Years Active: 2 Company: Koru Education: Whitman College 2012, English and Theater

What’s a day in the life of a content marketer?

I usually start my day by checking in on results of my email campaigns. Based on those results, I’ll start writing and designing new emails for later in the week. There’s a lot of cool tools out there that make making beautiful emails easy/fun. I keep all of our social media profiles open, and post useful content / respond to our customers throughout the day. And then, writing – whether it’s putting together a quick blog post, ghost-writing an op-ed for our CEO, or creating copy for a landing page – I’m always typing. That, and doing weird photoshop projects.

What do you love about your job?

I love the swiss army knife quality about it. I really like juggling multiple projects and getting the chance to be creative in a lot of them. I also love seeing the numbers come through that say we did something right. The most challenging thing is finding and building content that resonates with your audience. We don’t get a lot of feedback from them on things like, what did you think when you saw this post? How did this email make you feel? We use numbers to track this, but often, we have to trust our gut.

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