What We’re Thankful For: Companies That Are Changing The World

Living a life with purpose and meaning is at the soul of Koru and why we do what we do. To give thanks, we want to highlight companies that are doing their part to change the world.

You don’t have to be a non-profit to do good. These are all for-profit companies that are not only changing the way businesses can operate, but are actively creating solutions for problems that demand to be solved. Their teams are fueled by a passion to improve the lives of communities, businesses, and the world entire.

Here are our top five companies that are changing the world in their own way. In the comments, tell us yours!



Here’s a problem for you. Your retriever eats a bag of grapes (toxic to certain breeds) on the counter and you’re faced with a decision. Pay upwards of two grand or take the chance on your dog’s life. Trupanion exists to eradicate that situation by providing comprehensive medical coverage for pets in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. Trupanion believes that a pet is a valued member of any family, and helps households customize an insurance plan that fits their budget. This is a company that lives and breathes its mission. Their office is 100% pet-friendly, and their employees have the option of insuring a pet with a $0 deductible. Trupanion was ranked alongside companies like Google and Netflix for having employees with the best work/life balance.



How much do you know about where your clothes were made? How about how much they cost to produce? Traditional retailers price their products at about 8 times the cost of production. Radical transparency is Everlane’s M.O. This company is disrupting the clothing industry by enabling consumers to, with every purchase, see where the clothes were made and understand the breakdown of the cost. The result? Everlane is supporting ethical clothing factories around the world and allowing the fashion forward to purchase designer quality clothes for a fraction of the price. Win win.



Upstart is taking a very smart gamble on up and coming millennials. Twenty-somethings have long been unable to secure affordable loans for starting businesses, buying cars, or attending college. Too risky, banks say. However, the federal reserve shows that millennials are least likely to default on their loans. Upstart is providing affordable loans for millennials, using untraditional criteria to determine who qualifies as a non-risk and a revolutionary peer-to-peer lending system. Instead of judging someone’s risk by their credit score, investors can look at their “soft score.” Think things like where you went to college, what your current job is, where you live, and what you want to put the money towards. Upstart is helping young people get on their feet, make investments, build credit, and pay off debt (including all of those college loans).

Energy Savvy


Utilities nationwide will invest over seven billion dollars this year to help people and businesses use less energy. But how do they make sure they’re making the most of this investment? Energy Savvy is a startup that provides powerful and easy-to-use software that helps companies dramatically increase the impact of their investment to cut energy usage. Finally, a company that helps you track how much money you save when you turn off the lights. Imagine how powerful that can be to encourage the right behaviors among employees.



Love your home is this company’s motto. CEO Matt Ehrlichman founded Porch after realizing there was not an organized place to connect great ideas and inspiration for remodeling a house, project data, and word-of-mouth referrals for professionals that could make these ideas come to life. Matt’s solution, Porch.com, is revolutionizing the home improvement industry by allowing communities to connect, share ideas, and find quality local professionals. Their database has changed the lives of many small businesses and contractors, and has created a passionate community, all united in a mission to help people love their homes.

You’ve heard about who we’re thankful for. Now, you tell us in the comments!

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