If ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters Had a Career Coach …

Let’s face it. They all need one. Westeros is a place that rewards a bit of hustle, but you can’t win the Game of Thrones without setting aside some time for introspection. Just remember, feedback is a gift.

Arya Stark

Strengths: Grit, Goal-setting
Areas for growth: Teamwork, Empathy

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More than anyone in Westeros, Arya’s got grit. She’s seen some pretty awful things in her short life, most notably that rat torture sequence at Harrenhal, but she’s still going strong. She’s deeply committed to self-improvement and very goal-oriented (Cersei, Walder Frey, The Mountain, Meryn Trant … )

What Arya needs is a bit of polish (circumstance has made her a bit … rough around the edges) and to realize that her “go at it alone” strategy needs some re-thinking. She could also benefit from a lesson in networking. You know, less sword pulling on strangers, more empathy towards other human beings.

I have high hopes that the return of Jaqen H’ghar might help a girl grow in these areas.

Brienne of Tarth

Strengths: Oath-keeping, Extra-slaying
Areas for growth: EQ, Sales Strategy


On paper, Brienne’s got it all. Loyalty, strength, and Valyrian steel sword. But still, she’s in a rut. Maybe the market for unpaid sell-swords is drying up. Or maybe, her sales strategy needs some work.

“Protection” is hard thing to pitch, especially when you’ve got that whole “allowing a king to get killed by a shadow” incident on your resume. Brienne has been traveling door-to-door in Westeros looking for the Stark girls so she can offer them her protection. She’s currently 0-2.

My advice? Think deeply about what you’re selling. What does your protection really mean? You’re not doing a good job offering it. In fact, both times you’ve tried, you’ve ended up killing some of the people who are protecting the person you want to protect. Calm the eff down Brienne. You’re scaring your customers away.

Jon Snow

Strengths: Teamwork, Loyalty, Mercy-Killing
Areas for growth: Interpersonal Issues


Jon Snow is a great leader. So why does drama surround him on both sides of the Wall? He’s just got the biggest promotion possible in the Night’s Watch (Congrats!) but somehow, I feel like this only spells more drama for our favorite angsty bastard.

Let’s be honest, Jon Snow is not a people pleaser. He’s loyal to what he believes in, and that’s created some tension. It’s OK to not be Mr. Popular, but sometimes you have to suck up your honor and do a bit of schmoozing with the old boys’ club. It’s not beneath you, Jon. It’s networking.

Daenarys Stormborn

Strengths: Leadership, Polish
Areas for growth: Admiting Failure, Adaptability


Yes, you have dragons. But that doesn’t matter if you can’t get your sh** together.

I’ve always admired Dany because she’s a natural leader who really trusts her gut. She’s also historically been a good risk-taker (Ex. Climbing onto Drogo’s funeral pyre, pulling a fast one on that guy who sold her the Unsullied, etc.)

But since she became the boss of Meereen – something’s really off with her storyline. Her blind optimism is catching up to her, and she can’t quite deal with the prospect of failure. This can be expected when you struggle to adapt to a work environment you are unfamiliar with.

Listen, Daenerys. You’re so afraid of failing in Meereen that your eye is no longer on the prize. At Koru, we talk about failing fast and cheap. Admit the failure before it costs you big time. Get outta there. And get your butt over to Westeros while the Queen Mother still has her wine hangover.

Tyrion Lannister

Strengths: Escaping, Networking
Areas for growth: General Professionalism

giphy-2-1 OK, Tyrion. You are the master networker of Westeros. Whenever you find yourself in a bit of a pinch, along comes help. It’s not because of your family name, but because you’ve invested in the right relationships. I know times are … tough. That patricide is going to be a hard one to spin, but you’ve got a chance for a new life across the Narrow Sea. I don’t want to ruin your fun, but I will say that a little bit of effort as far as appearances / day-drinking can go a long way. You be you, Tyrion. I just don’t want you to end up like your sister … don’t even know where to begin with her.

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