Big News About Koru – We Have Been Acquired!

When we started Koru, we were impassioned with solving a big problem that we cared about deeply: 53% of college grads are unemployed or underemployed and not successfully starting their careers. Meanwhile employers are struggling to find the right fit talent who can hit the ground running and ramp fast to productivity in their fast changing environments.

We heard the stories of these grads and employers and understood their pain. We then launched and ran the Koru Program, which trained and placed thousands of college graduates into great first jobs, giving them the confidence to be their best selves in their workplaces, and to fail fast and cheap, invest in relationships, be curious, gritty, in service, and rigorous in telling stories with data. That program was run in Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, and New York and placed 86% of its graduates. Many of them tell us still that we changed their lives, set them on a new trajectory, and gave them opportunities they would otherwise never have had. A critical outcome of this work was the birth of the Koru7™ as the new signals for work success in the innovation economy: Grit, Rigor, Impact, Teamwork, Curiosity, Ownership, and Presence.

Over time, we learned that to achieve our vision to level the playing field by providing access to opportunity based on a person’s capabilities, not their pedigree, there was a better way to scale our impact. Again we listened to stories of pain from our constituents and heard from hiring managers, recruiters and executives that they wanted a better way to screen and select from their growing applicant pool in a way that would predict who would perform well in a specific job in their particular company.  They wanted to “screen in” candidates from all backgrounds based on fit, not “screen out” based on pedigree. We pivoted the business in 2016 to an enterprise software-as-a-service business, building technology that assessed the Koru7™, used machine learning and artificial intelligence to develop models and predict an individual’s performance in a specific role. We had the honor of serving some of the biggest and best employers in the US and Europe.

We’re elated that we have both made a dent in these important problems over the past five and a half years since we started Koru, and also that the legacy of the company and team is that it will continue to have an impact for years to come.


The big news?  

Koru’s predictive hiring business was bought by an amazing company called Capp & Co, who’s vision is well aligned with ours, and who is in a position to scale the Koru7 and carry the torch forward in the “grit over grades revolution.”  Details are below in the press release they issued today.

In addition, we are thrilled to announce that our original college grad bootcamp assets, including curriculum, was purchased by Entangled Group, a San Francisco based education technology incubator and consultancy. Entangled is run by the best and brightest in the education innovation ecosystem, and will include Koru’s college grad training in some of the ventures it launches.  

It’s been a beautiful journey for us in many ways. It’s been a privilege to do the work with people who care about leveling the playing field, and have dedicated themselves in small and big ways to moving closer to this as a reality.

We will both be actively involved with Capp and Entangled and are grateful to continue this never-a-dull-moment journey with them!



Kristen & Josh

Koru co-founders





Capp & Co Acquires Koru Predictive Hiring

Acquisition provides unmatched ability to identify best fit talent, based on research about new signals for workplace success


LONDON, Dec. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Capp & Co. Limited, a global leader in strength-based talent assessment, announces today that it has completed its acquisition of Seattle-based Koru Careers, Inc.’s predictive hiring business. With the addition of Koru’s assessment of the Koru7™ Impact Skills and its predictive hiring platform, Capp is now able to provide enterprise employers with the ability to assess a wider range of work-related strengths and predict the fit of job applicants using machine learning and AI technologies. With this acquisition, Capp further establishes its US presence and opens its New York City head office at 450 Lexington Avenue in January 2019.

“We help employers to create a better aligned, motivated and – most importantly – more productive workforce,” said Dr. Alex Linley, CEO and co-founder of Capp & Co. “Koru’s predictive hiring technology and deep expertise in soft skills will enable us to assess a new set of performance strengths such as grit, rigor and curiosity, and provide further insights for our customers with best of breed predictive analytics.”

Capp’s products and services help employers to attract, select and develop talent using in-house proprietary algorithms and validation data.

“Our vision has always been to level the playing field for job seekers by providing access to opportunity based on a person’s capabilities, while helping employers hire the best fit talent,” said Kristen Hamilton, CEO and co-founder of Koru. “As part of Capp, Koru’s assessment and analytics products will be supported and enhanced by their incredibly talented team and will have broader global reach.”

The Koru product will continue to be offered to current and new customers and will be rebranded to Capp over the next year. Capp’s US headquarters will be in New York and Koru will be supported by a distributed team in Seattle and New York; Sydney, Australia; and London and Birmingham, UK.


About Capp & Co

Founded in 2005, Capp has spent the past 13 years designing new and better ways of assessing people. At the heart of our product offering is our ‘Strengths’ methodology’ which has been developed by our CEO Alex Linley, a leading expert in the field of Positive Psychology. Capp work with clients across the entire candidate and employee life cycle. From attracting the very best talent to supporting more experienced individuals seek out their next career move, we continually provide new and innovative products and solutions which deliver exceptional results for our partner organizations. We deliver our solutions globally, supported by our teams across the US, Australia and the UK.


About Koru

Headquartered in Seattle, Koru is the leader in predictive hiring based on what really drives performance. Based on the Koru7™Impact Skills (Grit, Rigor, Impact, Teamwork, Curiosity, Ownership and Presence), Koru identifies the predictors of performance and develops models to assess fit of applicants in jobs. Koru is mobilizing the “Grit over Grades” revolution with some of the world’s leading enterprises. Koru was founded by veteran entrepreneur Kristen Hamilton, co-founder at Onvia and COO of World Learning, and Josh Jarrett, formerly of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and McKinsey & Company.


SOURCE Capp & Co. Limited

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