AI As Fuel For The Recruiter-Hiring Manager Relationship

In today’s competitive recruiting world, top companies are rethinking the hiring manager-recruiter relationship and employing advances in data to drive better results. The traditional transactional hiring manager-recruiter relationship is out; strategic relationships fueled by data and outcomes are in.


Companies leading the way

Companies like Netflix have completely overhauled their recruiting process to drive more honest and open communication, more collaboration — and better hires.

Advances in data modeling offer these recruiting-hiring manager teams the ability to not only capture and understand candidate and employee data, but also create virtuous cycles of data that rapidly improve a team’s ability to understand and select the best candidate for the job.


Modeling can have four immediate impacts:

1. Improve the definition of the ideal hire: Predictive hiring technology offers the ability to collect data from recruiters, hiring managers and current employees on what a successful hiring profile looks like. Instead of relying on one or two people to decide on the optimal hiring profile, companies can now solicit data from multiple sources — including performance data on hires to understand the attributes of high performers — to determine the best hiring profile.

2. Strengthen hiring behavior and decisions: Imagine having access to data that showed that your customer success reps are being hired based on their ability to present themselves, while it’s really grit and teamwork that differentiate high performers. Knowing this could expose biases and help you improve your team’s ability to hire for what matters.

3. Improve channel performance: AI models can show channels in which you may be over investing vs. channels that warrant more focus. You might be recruiting from a small list of schools when you’re missing out on top candidates from schools that didn’t make your list.

4. Predict performance and retention: AI in hiring can help you analyze top and low performers in your company and predict what skills will lead to better performance and retention. Recruiters can use this data to tie their work directly to strategic business goals.


The future of hiring: do this now

The point isn’t to throw away traditional practices — after all, hiring is human — but rather, to leverage AI to drive even greater impact and outcomes as a hiring team. For companies looking to up-level their game, we recommend you do these four things now:

1. Align on a north star that includes modeling. Like anything, change takes time. There’s no better time to start than now.

2. Build data capability. Invest in predictive hiring technologies so that you can start collecting and analyzing your hiring data.

3. Train on the data. Use patterns and insights to inform your hiring decisions.

4. Partner. Unite recruiters and hiring managers together to utilize data to develop more strategic sourcing and decision-making.



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