Nail Your Next Interview With The START Framework

Someone once gave me the advice to interview as much as possible, and after 100 or so, I’d finally be really good at it. My takeaway: In order to be a rockstar when it comes to interviewing, you have to put in your time. But I’m not of the opinion that you have to fail 100 interviews to get a good one in. Really, you just need to practice your storytelling. You should always answer a question in an interview with a personal story that demonstrates the desired qualities for which they are screening. You want a good story, obviously, but framing your story concisely and effectively is equally, if not more, important. These days, many employers will be looking specifically for your ability to follow the START framework. The START framework ensures that the point of your story comes across clearly, and it will help you stand out and get hired. Download our guide to the START framework and see how you can use it to nail your next interview.

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