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Lessons in Talent Acquisition from Apple and T-Mobile

Talent Acquisition teams are routinely asked to do the seemingly impossible – rapidly fill open positions with high-quality candidates and do it at scale. Sean Celli, former Director of Global Recruitment at Apple, and Jared Flynn, former Senior Director of Talent Acquisition at T-Mobile, have accepted the challenge and delivered powerful results — hear their war stories and tips for achieving similar success.

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  1. Align Hiring With Business Goals
    Get the specifics of how the Talent Acquisition teams at Apple and T-Mobile gained greater credibility and respect within the broader  organization. [Listen to the discussion at minute 06:45]

  3. Measure What Matters.
    Discover the metrics Sean and Jared use to demonstrate business impact and build credibility with their CFOs. [Hear the conversation at minute 17:00]

  5. Leverage Data-Driven Hiring.
    Learn the impact embracing technology in the hiring process has had at T-Mobile and Apple — helping them manage growing workloads and predict candidate success. [Get the details at minute 32:00]

Looking to increase hiring efficiency, demonstrate ROI or improve your working relationships with hiring managers? Gain valuable insights from Sean’s experience at Apple and Jared’s at T-Mobile, and start applying their advice to your efforts today.  

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