Koru is Moneyball for hiring.

Resumes don't tell the full story. By measuring the skills that matter most and using machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict performance fit, you can quickly select the right players for your team.

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Talent Assessment

Koru7 profiles: an unbiased measure of the candidate’s impact skills

  • Applicants complete an engaging 20-minute online “pre-interview” and receive immediate feedback on their top Koru7™ skill
  • Koru immediately scores each candidate, and stack ranks them by probability of fit
  • Koru profiles show scores for every applicant’s Koru7™ Impact Skills: Grit, Rigor, Impact, Teamwork, Curiosity, Ownership, and Polish, as well as suggested interview questions
  • Have your own list of competencies? We’ll add those in so you can measure them fast and without bias
Results:  Consistent, unbiased analysis of every applicant and faster screening and selection.
Predictive Hiring Fingerprint

Score applicant fit for a job based on what drives performance

  • Use data science to determine what truly differentiates high and low performers in a particular role at your company
  • Generate a common Fit Profile to align everyone involved in the recruiting process on what to focus on while screening and interviewing
  • Score the fit of every candidate before you meet them
Results:  A common, data-driven definition of performance and predicted quality of hire for every applicant.
predictive_hiring_graphGritOwnershipTeamworkRigorLeadershipThesis orCapstoneCollegeSportsWorked> 20hrs/wkin collegeServiceIndustryExperienceTechIndustryExperience
Candidate Experience

Make Every Candidate Feel Valued

  • Each candidate receives immediate personalized feedback on their top impact skill
  • Get to know candidates through an easy, approachable mobile-friendly experience
  • High applicant approval rating of the pre-interview experience
Results:  Easily consider every applicant and make their first experience with your company enjoyable.
Predictive Analytics

Strengthen Your Hiring Process With Data

  • See the quality of your candidate pool at any given time
  • Understand which sources result in most diverse, best fit candidates
  • View recommendations on where to grow, maintain, or rethink recruiting efforts
Results:  Start predicting quality of your applicant pool and maximize your recruitment spend.

Shift from Traditional Recruiting
to Predictive Hiring

Increase the number of high performing employees in your company by 30% to 60% and recognize millions in ROI. Achieve these results by adding hours back into a recruiter’s day through automated scoring and extending more interviews and offers to candidates who have been overlooked in prior recruiting cycles.