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You already know what predicts success in your organization -- it’s in your job descriptions and your core values. Now there is a validated, unbiased way to measure these intangible things that matter most. The Koru7 Impact Skills draw on the latest research to assess every candidate through a 20-minute online questionnaire. Learn more about the science behind Impact Skills.

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Candidate Profile

Hire for fit

Measure each candidate’s impact skills with a validated, unbiased assessment. What are each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses? How do they map to the requirements of your job?

  • Receive unbiased scores on every candidate
  • Review scores in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent right next to candidate details
  • Use embedded interview questions to probe deeper
  • Reduce bias and create a level playing field for candidates
Results:  Consistent, unbiased analysis of every applicant and faster screening and selection.
Candidate Experience

Easy, positive candidate experience

The mobile/online 20-minute “pre-interview” questionnaire gives candidates a chance to show that they are more than a resume. We make it easy to learn more about each individual.

  • Candidates identify the transferable skills used in previous jobs or non-work activities that will translate to your job
  • Candidates select the work styles that match the mindsets and behaviors they use most frequently at work
  • Candidates read a short, plausible work scenario and select their recommended action
Results:  High completion rate with easy, nature engagement with candidates.
Candidate Feedback

Make every candidate feel valued

Each candidate automatically receives a personalized feedback report that includes their top impact skill, resources on how to use the Impact Skills to improve their performance, and tips on how to best demonstrate their skills during the interview process.

  • Each candidate receives immediate personalized feedback on their top impact skill
  • Get to know candidates through an easy, approachable mobile-friendly experience
  • High applicant approval rating of the pre-interview experience
Results:  Build your employment brand make every candidate experience enjoyable.
Predictive Model

Upgrade to a predictive model

Once you start using Koru, you’ll be eligible to upgrade to a predictive model. This model uses machine learning to identify the performance drivers of your top performers from 100s of possible variables.

  • We will build a custom predictive model for your company’s jobs
  • Each candidate is compared to the predictive model to generate a Fit Score
  • The model gets smarter with more hiring and performance data
Results:  Start predicting quality of your applicant pool and maximize your recruitment spend.
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