Accelerate The Ramp To New Hire Productivity With Koru Develop.

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Training Based on the Koru7™ Impact Skills

Koru Develop programs have been created to address the unique needs of early career talent.

  • Industry-Leading Expertise

    We have experience with employers across different industries, stages of maturity, and growth. We have deep expertise in developing, engaging, and managing early career talent.

  • Engaging Content

    Our content is grounded on the research-based Koru7™ Impact Skills and has been honed over years of working with early career to ensure deep engagement and measurable results.

  • Active, Experiential Delivery

    Participants enjoy active and experience-based training focused on a real business challenge. Program facilitation is relationship-driven and feedback rich.

Koru took me out of my comfort zone and forced me to grow where I needed it most.

BEN DOTY, Account Executive at PayScale

Predict Performance Before You Hire

Based on what drives performance, Koru Predictive Hiring is core to improving your candidate selection efficiencies without bias, to predicting quality of hire, and to rapidly increasing speed of new hire productivity. We can help.