Cookie List

Updated 5/25/2018


(Please Note: we may change the cookies we use at any time; while we will try to update this list within a reasonable time frame. this list may not always be totally up-to-date.)



Cookie nameTechnical NamePurpose
1Browser IdbUsed in combination with session id to authenticate your identity to [Company]
2Session IdsUsed in combination with browser id to authenticate your identity to [Company]
3Time ZonetzAllows [Company] to display times in the correct time zone
4CSS Versioncss_vThe last version of our CSS the browser has cached. Used for speed optimizations.
5JS Versionearly_vThe last version of our JavaScript the browser has cached. Used for speed optimizations.
6Webfonts Loadedwf-loaded, js-wf-loadedWhich of our fonts the browser has loaded. Used for speed optimizations.
7Cookie Messagesqm-<number>Stores activity to improve personalization
8LoginloginHelps with issue detection
9OAuth PlatformplatformKeeps track of what page to forward to after authentication
10OAuth TargettargetKeeps track of what page to forward to after authentication
11Ad Conversionconv_<number>Used to optimize ad delivery
12Seen AdvertismentsaUsed to optimize ad delivery
13Login Redirect URLlogin_redirect_urlStores the url of last page visited so that a person can be redirected after logging in.
14Nux Redirect URLnux_redirect_urlStores the url to redirect a person to after setting up an account
15Page Sizepage_sizeKeeps track of the selected page size when using manual pagination
16Search Queryqsu-qPerformance improvements for searching on website
17Recent ActivitytgvsStores activity to improve personalization
18Twitter OAuth Access Keytwitter_oauth_access_keyEnable a person to login using Twitter
21Requested URLtoRequestPathFixes an Android OS issue with http_referer.
22Reload on BackreloadOnBackForces reload when navigating back in order to show the latest information to a person.


DomainTechnical NamePurpose
1[SITE].com_ga, _gid, _gat, _utma, _utmcUsed by Google Analytics to distinguish users and sessions. More info here
2api.smyte.comGMIDUsed for fraud and spam detection.
3google.comNIDGoogle uses this to remember your preferences and other information. See