Thank You To All The Past And Current Contributors

Thank you to all of Koru’s past bloggers, program testimonial contributor, and team members. Your commitment to our mission of leveling the playing field for all candidates is much appreciated. Thank you to our bloggers: Tabor, Harry Sadock, Kristine Reyes, Nishali Nanayakkara, April Wong, Courtney Sanford, Kat Boogaard, Julia Cook, Olivia Krishnaswami, Sam Farquharson, Ramzy Ismail, Maddie Noonan, Nicole Block, Luke Antal, Robbie Debevoise, Lauren Penticuff, Elizabeth Kelton, Peter Mack, Christina Mautz, and more; and thanks to our program testimonial contributors and team members (coaches): Dino De Vera, Robbie Debevoise, Genessa Krasnow, Jane Park, Dana Boggess, and more.

If you are interested in guest blog writing around the future of work, strategic hiring, and or talent intelligence, please send an email to

Koru’s Predictive Hiring New Website launched on November 20, 2017 with several enhancements including including a shift in authors and focus change from job seeker to HR / talent acquisition. The particular page you are looking for is no longer here (bummer). Let us guide you to find the information you want.

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