Koru is the leader in
predictive hiring.

About Koru

We’re mobilizing the Grit over Grades revolution, transforming the way companies screen, select, and develop talent. We apply predictive analytics to leading assessment science to deliver a company’s unique performance fingerprint. We deploy the fingerprint with a fast, easy-to-use tool for recruiters to efficiently screen and select high quality, diverse candidates.

Our assessment science is based on those intangibles that have been proven to be predictive of performance, the Koru7 Impact Skills.

We work with some of the world’s most successful enterprises as well as high-growth, innovative companies throughout the U.S.

We feel lucky to wake up every morning and tackle this problem head on.

We are Koru.

Our Principles

Before we knew what our company would be, we wrote down the principles we would use to build it. These define who we are and what we hold ourselves accountable to every day.

Be your best self, especially when it’s hard.

Have hard conversations in the moment. Feedback is a gift.

Practice radical authenticity.

Anything is possible, but not everything is possible.

Have the courage to fail fast and cheap.

Invest in the right relationships.

Be an owner, never a victim.

Our Leadership

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    Serial tech entrepreneur with a track record of success creating value by innovating in startups and Fortune 500. Co-founder of Onvia (NADAQ:ONVI), head of educator strategy at Microsoft, COO at World Learning. Passionate skier and aspiring ski racer.
    Top Koru7™ Impact Skill: Teamwork

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    Kristen Hamilton

    CEO & Co-Founder
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    Data-obsessed operator and global leader in workforce competencies, predicting outcomes based on drivers of performance. Leader of higher education innovation at the Gates Foundation, McKinsey engagement manager, Enkata technologies founding team. Passionate soccer coach.
    Top Koru7™ Impact Skill: Rigor

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    Josh Jarrett

    Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder
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    SaaS expert with decades of experience supporting highly successful startups through growth stage with financial strategy and execution. VP Finance at Revenue Science, Bluekai (sold to Oracle), co-founder at Strategy Clicks, Konamoxt. Passionate competitive tennis and poker player.
    Top Koru7™ Impact Skill: Impact


    Phil Sabin

    Chief Financial Officer
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    A results-driven executive with expertise in top-line sales & customer success in growth stage companies with analytics products. Head of sales at Payscale, Talent Spring, Scout Analytics, Pipeline Deals, Tellwise. Passionate elite runner, cyclist and coach.
    Top Koru7™ Impact Skill: Ownership

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    Mike Hayes

    VP of Customer Engagement
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    Entrepreneurial technologist with a deep background in data science and a track record building great developer and IT teams. BT Global & BellSouth Online, founder of Roundbox Global, technology exec at Macmillan Publishing, HotChalk Inc, Edify.cr. Passionate sailor and boat dweller.
    Top Koru7™ Impact Skill: Ownership


    Justin Beals

    VP of Technology
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    Impact-obsessed creator of opportunities for others; analytical client service background in corporate and non-profit industries. Senior program officer for online learning at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, healthcare consultant. Passionate innovation change agent.
    Top Koru7™ Impact Skill: Grit


    Anh Nguyen

    VP of Customer Success

On The Frontlines Of Change

Over the past four years, we’ve worked with this strong network of employer partners to develop our product through surveys, focus groups, employer-embedded immersive programs for early career millennials, and lots of genuine feedback.

  • Essence | Koru Employer Partner
  • Bridgepoint Eduction | Koru Employer Partner
  • K·Coe Isom | Koru Employer Partner
  • Zillow | Koru Employer Partner
  • Payscale | Koru Employer Partner
  • Zulily | Koru Employer Partner
  • Intentional Futures | Koru Employer Partner
  • Urban Sitter | Koru Employer Partner
  • Tavour | Koru Employer Partner
  • Swipely | Koru Employer Partner
  • Smartsheet | Koru Employer Partner
  • Care.com | Koru Employer Partner
  • airbnb | Koru Employer Partner
  • Hubspot | Koru Employer Partner
  • Intreped Learning | Koru Employer Partner
  • Moz | Koru Employer Partner
  • Yelp | Koru Employer Partner
  • Porch | Koru Employer Partne
  • City Light Capital | Koru Employer Partner
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  • logo-julep@2x
  • logo-wayfair@2x
  • Avvo
  • logo-possible@2x
  • Brighton Jones
  • Earth Corps | Koru Employer Partner
  • Reebok | Koru Employer Partner
  • Funding Circle | Koru Employer Partner
  • Zozi | Koru Employer Partners
  • Real Self | Koru Employer Partner
  • Liquid Planner | Koru Employer Partner
  • Arivale | Koru Employer Partner
  • Pie Monkey | Koru Employer Partner
  • Trupanion | Koru Employer Partner
  • Active Giver | Koru Employer Partner
  • Remind | Koru Employer Partner
  • REI | Koru Employer Partner

Our Investors

We’ve raised $15 million in funding from First Round Capital, Maveron, Battery Ventures Andreessen Horowitz, City Light Capital, Trilogy Equity Partners, and Nas’ QueensBridge Venture Partners.

  • First Round Capital Strengthens Its Investment into Predictive Analytics for Hiring | Koru
  • Maveron is investing in the leader of predictive hiring | Koru
  • Battery Ventures is investing in the leader of predictive analytics for hiring | Koru
  • Andreessen Horowitz is investing in the leader of predictive hiring | Koru
  • Battery Ventures is investing in the leader of predictive analytics for hiring | Koru
  • Trilogy Invests in a Hiring Solution That Integrates Machine Learning & Assessment Assessment Science | Koru
  • QueensBridge Venture Partners Invest In Predictive Hiring | Koru

Join Our Team

Do you want to work for a company hell bent on making an impact? Do you like solving problems you care about so much you wake up in the middle of the night and start secretly working from your bathroom? Good. Join us.