Brand Overview

Everything we do at Koru is deeply rooted in our brand and the principles we used to build it. It’s who we are and how we present ourselves to the world, and it rightfully guides and grounds us as we continue to build Koru.

Brand Personality

  • Whip-smart

    but not overly-intellectual


    but not stubborn


    but not mean-spirited


    but not a show-off


    but not harsh


    but tactful

  • Optimistic

    but not unrealistic


    but serious when we need to be


    but not coddling


    but polished


    but not pollyannaish

Brand Tenets


Whether it’s LinkedIn, Monster, or a company’s job board, the job hunting process is an inherently mechanical one. We bring in connection and human connectedness, whether it’s through visual elements, copy or even actual interactions with our team.

A Personalized Experience

We’re not just an app or program “to look for a job.” We are a personalized experience, and our recommendations and opportunities are based on the individual. You get what you put in.

Positive and Determined

Damn-straight you can. We believe in you, and we’ll push you hard to make your own luck in life. We recognize that job-hunting can be isolating and demoralizing, so we’re here to keep you on track and optimistic.

Always Connecting

We know that relationships are everything, and we always put the people first.

Transparent, with Context

We’re not here to help you find a job. We’re here to help you find the right job. Transparency is key in our process – from honestly assessing job fit to letting users know what skills they can improve on. We also always make it clear why we are asking someone to do something and how it fits into their goals.