Are You A Resume-Naming Offender?

So. Let’s talk about one teeny, tiny, but oh-so-important detail: the filename of your resume. Do yourself a favor: open up the folder in which your resume resides, and take a look at how it appears. Clearly, it’s recognizable to you as your resume. Perhaps you’ve named it “Resume.doc”? Or “resume5.doc”…? Or perhaps the ever-descriptive “MyResume2015.doc”…? Now, think like a hiring manager who literally sees hundreds of resumes a day. The good ones get saved in a folder, much like the one your resume currently resides in. Do you think your resume will stand out as yours if it’s named, say, “Resume.doc”? My point:  resume file name matters. Eye-roll if you must, but naming your resume file professionally is just about the easiest thing you can do right when applying for a job. Your file name is, after all, your resume’s first impression. Use those precious characters to both stand out and look like you know what you’re doing. You know, fake it ’til you make it. Here’s a short tutorial on naming and saving your resume file like a pro.

Michaela Gianotti serves as Koru's content specialist around job seeker and candidate experience advice. She attended Whitman College, where she spent the better part of four years convincing her family that English majors can get jobs too. She has since found awesome work (SEE!) at 826 Seattle, msnNOW, and Koru.

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