What Candidates Really Think About Today’s Hiring Process?

Together, We’re Making The Candidate’s Voice Heard.


  • Kevin W Grossman, The Talent Board’s President of Global Programs
  • Josh Jarrett, Koru’s Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder
  • A panel of candidates from diverse backgrounds and job search statuses

Top 3 Learning Experiences For Talent Acquisition Teams

  • Hear directly from candidates and walk in their shoes
  • Learn what both The Talent Board‘s Candidate Experience benchmark research and Koru‘s data says about candidates views of today’s hiring process
  • And receive tips on making every candidate feel valued, thus winning candidate experience

Josh Jarrett is Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of Koru, the leader in predictive hiring based on what really drives performance. Josh has spent his whole career using data to drive business outcomes at organizations as diverse as McKinsey & Company, the National Park Service, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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