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Predictive Analytics For Hiring

Predictive analytics for hiring finally allows employers to measure 21st century job competencies required in today’s innovation economy. Soft skills like Grit, Rigor, Impact, Teamwork, Polish, Curiosity and Ownership — Koru7™ Impact Skills .

Getting best fit candidates starts with understanding both your company’s cultural values and the performance drivers for a specific role(s). The research-based studies of predictive analytics for hiring are laser focused to answer this most important question:

“What combination of soft skills, academic background,
and prior work experience differentiates top
performers from under performers?”

Koru is the leader in predictive hiring based on drivers of performance and what matters most for your company and job roles.. The following 3 videos showcases 1) a quick 5-minute overview on the power of predictive hiring, 2) a Microsoft case study on aligning corporate values with measurable job competencies, and finally 3) a 40-minute insight into sourcing, screening, and interviewing more top performing inside sales professionals.

5-Minute Overview on the power of Predictive Analytics For Hiring.

Presented by Josh Jarrett, Koru’s Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder

Case Study on Using Predictive Hiring To Map Culture Values With Job Competencies.

Presented by Kristen Hamilton, Koru’s CEO & Co-Founder

Benchmark Study Insights Into Sourcing, Screening, & Interviewing More Inside Sales Top Performers.

Presented by Josh Jarrett, Koru’s Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder; and Bob Perkins, AA-ISP Founder & Chairman,