The Koru7™ Impact Skills

Measure what matters.

The Koru7™

Measure what matters.


Grit Over Grades

The Koru7™ Impact Skills are based on decades of research by global experts and millions of dollars invested. It’s a breakthrough in finally having the ability to measure what hiring companies have known for so long: Grit matters more than grades. Dive deeper into The Science Behind Predictive Hiring by downloading our whitepaper.

  • Grit

    The ability to stick with it when things get hard. When directions are not explicit, hires can make sense of ambiguous situations.

    Grit; Growth Mindset; Self-Efficacy
  • Ownership

    Positive and empathetic hires can be a joy to work with, contributing to great teams. Being able to not only do work in service of others, but also take initiative when things are not clear help early career talent stand out.

    Proactivity; Citizenship; Integrity; Conscientiousness
  • Curiosity

    Beyond simply asking why, curiosity can also spark innovation. Hires that are curious, not only about their product or role, but also about the roles of others, or competitive products, tend to be better informed, have better eye for detail and often ask the right questions.

    Creativity; Empathy
  • Polish

    No matter your role, being an effective communicator is important for co-workers and clients alike. From writing effective emails to asking thoughtful questions, workers with Polish are great collaborators.

  • Teamwork

    There are no dark corners in organizations anymore. Everyone must collaborate to produce work and drive results. Even software developers work in teams.

    Emotional Intelligence; Collaboration; Positivity
  • Rigor

    Innovative companies care about data in all areas, so we screen for the ability to read, interpret and process data quickly and in a detail-oriented way.

    Evidence-Based Decision-Making
  • Impact

    Great early hires not only can do the duties in their role, but they also understand their contribution and impact to the larger organization’s objectives. Hires with Impact are efficient, and think about the company’s success instead of just their own.

    Real-World Problem-Solving; Innovation