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Leading a movement

We’ve partnered with some of the best colleges and universities in the country to complement their high-quality undergraduate education with our experiential career onramp.

“Koru is part of our effort to ensure that our graduates are able to market their skills in the modern workplace.  Koru’s ability to offer direct connections with real employers and real workplace experience will be an important resource for our students.” - Occidental College President Jonathan Veitch

Koru Founding Partners share our passion for providing students with opportunities to launch great careers. These colleges and universities are leading the way for higher education to explore innovative approaches to ensuring graduates land on the career paths they’ve worked so hard for.

They’ve had a seat at the table from the beginning, are our thought partners, and provide us direct input and feedback.

“We see preparing students for purposeful work as a central element of the liberal arts mission, and that makes the partnership with Koru particularly exciting for Bates.” - Bates College President Clayton Spencer

We are working closely with these colleges and universities to connect their students and graduates to Koru programs; but you don’t need to have attended one of these colleges to do Koru. Our partners and we believe the program should be open to any talented young person who can benefit.

“There is an opportunity to reinvent the bridges between college and the professions. Koru is the partner we need to make that happen. Not only are they impacting students, but they are also going to help colleges develop the capacity to rethink and rebuild the process in dynamic, relevant and strategic ways.” - Denison University President Adam Weinberg.


Join the Koru movement

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